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Xbox new project knows as project-Scarlett is more likely to look like a mid-Tower CPU.

This robust design of Xbox latest console might accommodate the most powerful gaming system in consoles, though they have fewer game listings they are good at features.

coming to the new design talks this doesn't match up with any of previous consoles shape and this can be compared to Mid-tower PC bar, and also equipped with best game rendering hardware in it.

a small intro from XBOX.

the agenda of tower design is to make small space occupying with huge tech in it and make the game feel real to the users. this time there are no bounds in the hardware of Consoles as the gaming is increased in many platforms, so Consoles are pushed to have evolution.

Xbox-Phil spencer wanted to make the most functional design of Xbox till date.

The hardware team was thrown a challenge in making their console with best tech and design but that wasn't possible in the old way or by their traditional design, so this was completely new mid-tower design with high-end performance counted in it.

what do we know according to Hardware of Xbox X-series?

the limited tech info we know is shared here

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen Zen 2

  • GPU: AMD Navi-based GPU (~12 TFLOPs)

  • RAM: GDDR6 SDRAM (not yet known)

  • Storage: NVMe SSD (not yet known)

  • Max Output Resolution: 8KMax Refresh Rate: 120Hz

we always dream about gaming in some dream specs and we have the list for that

  • 8K video

  • 120Hz simply 120Hz per second

  • no attachments just with joystick or gesture play feature.

  • modular chipset modifications.

everything can happen but Modular chipset can't happen and that might eventually kill the sales.

we have liked the design and now we eagerly waiting to test the tech in hands.

how tall and big is this

Gallery of Xbox Xseries

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