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Xbox and Play-station Hardware push alert ...after 6 years..!

yea recently there is a push on gaming hardware.

there are several hardware push regarding gaming services and there will be heavy competence b/w Stadia (google-gaming services) Apple Arcade services and Sony play-station services and finally Xbox service's,

these are several development's on gaming services and we can say simply a consecutive development's are happening now a day's

Now coming to Hype creations

Sony and Microsoft a reputed companies on Gaming service's are planing to release their images of proto-type's

but they are very dormant and can't be viewed now for some privacy reason's but the final conclusion is that we can expect these Gaming consoles will hit the play-ground next year as the update from now.

One or both may drop the long-standing optical disc drives and traditional platter hard drives for some combination of cloud-streaming and download-only games.

That the next-gen PlayStation will still be able to use physical media. That might mean optical discs, but could also be some kind of removable flash drive.

But there is very much gap b/w now and next year 2020

If all this sounds familiar, there are a couple of reasons. Nearly every other consumer entertainment device long ago ditched optical drives and NON-SSD storage, and cloud-based gaming is finally having its moment in the sun,

Thanks to Google's Stadia project, Microsoft's project X-cloud, Nvidia's Geforce, Apple Arcade have their streaming services as their competence.

Both consoles are just from the primitive wave or like we can say they are like early man they are just form an old age gaming console's these can include physical media,but since generation's have moved on so cloud-based service's which can serve audio and video streaming can be done simultaneously, As well some interaction and interactive services can also be held by digitally held cloud console's

but now its been six years so late when coming to iteration's release on Gaming service's with cloud based technology so let's see what is happening and is this matching the expectation's.

we have recent post's on "Google Stadia"

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net