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WWDC part-2: the incomplete discussion.

#WWDC #Apple #INcomplete

iPad has its own specific OS called as iPad OS


The biggest change's u can see is that split and its a multiple apps can be used in split screen, so we can see the similar feature in Android (lollipop) version.

but we can use it only two apps for split screen's in Android, Thank's to iPad big screen we can use 3 apps, it support's any app there is no restriction of any time or space.

u can also adjust space for apps usage.

Major change's are that iPad is split from IOS, it has a different OS called "iPad-OS."

Safari will now render web pages in desktop mode, browser will support SMB file- sharing, folder sharing within iCloud Drive,

Safari also gets a download manager, similar to Desktop version's and more accessible to a powerful Mac tablet(iPad PRO).

"iPAD-OS" We can simply say that iPad is completely different from iPhone there will be similarities in unlocking and menu, but there are many changes in usage.

there is much more review and clear understanding in "Ipad OS"


Apple TV

As we know Apple has latest firmware update has kicked out with TV-OS and they have some updates on their set-up box, The new stuff in TV-OS is the introduction of Multi-user support, for example:-we have different mind-set's in our family, so as their mind-set they have suggestion's by Apple TV respected to their ideology.

The exciting stuff for gamer's is that:- new controller support for Apple Arcade on Apple TV: Microsoft’s Xbox One S controller as well as the DualShock 4 controller for PlayStation 4.

final touch for the Tv-os is that the clean and live underwater and attractive wallpaper's and screensaver's

Some new new show's in Apple TV-PLUS is introduced.


Recent update in Watch-OS 6 are:-

fully customized with different colors and complications & many more

The Apple Watch will also jingle & vibrate on the time assigned by user .

The biggest news is that u can browse App-Store form Watch itself and Download it, There are also more apps supported on the watch including Audio-books, Voice Memos, and the calculator and many more

these updates bring drastic change in usage of Apple watch, What are those u can browse apps in Apple watch without need of iPhone beside u,

so u can use it if u don't own an iPhone.

new health prospective in Apple watch

There’s a new noise level notification which will warn you if you’re in a place that’s loud enough to potentially damage your hearing. There’s also a new menstrual tracking feature in Health both on watchOS and iOS 13.

That's all in WWDC 2019

will give u a detailed review in it soon

Stay tuned to


More yet to hit the net