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Why Sony is on to much pressure on making a friendly, attractive mobile.....?

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Sony has failed utterly to deliver their flagship why is that happening and they have utterly failed in their persistent sales,

they have just got down their sales by 50% form 2017 to 2018 which has made mobile division and gaming division and many of them as a complex situation's.

According to Sony financial's Q4 2018

Sony has made 6.5 million units in 2018 this was the stats which was calculated as 50% decrease in sales from 2017

So Sony sold 13.5 million units in 2017

This is the point to decide where the numerical's say and judge everything.

Sony is incredibly successful in Gaming division which is fueling up the remaining division's and the other struggling division's in Sony

Those struggling division's are are just worse than expected result's, So department of Mobile's have very much to do with their report's and they have covered up all those report's.

and recent report's have shared that Play-station is fading as well and Sony has altered many revenue stat's and significantly controlled it's financial aspect's

Sony is in state to push some of their division's to shed, they are two reason's lack of sales' and certain buyer's are ready for acquisition Motion picture's their film department.

Most of the share holder's haven't agreed for the this film department to leave and they have stated that the Film department must stay in the firm Unit.

But point to be remembered is that Sony won't shut things by Overnight they might cut-off some wastage's or might get into desired shape or might trim some things up for their Market dominance.

We need to wait until the pressure is handled or might get some division's shut-down

The main flagship was announced in February month but haven't released till now, Point to be suspected.

stay tuned

more yet to hit the net