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Why Apple health...?, Instead we can use Google fit on IOS devices ...!

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yes you heard me right Now Google fit is available in App-store ,

Google has Announced that their fitness tracker would hit App-store soon and will be handy for every instinct step of the life, previously Google fit was available if the Wear OS smart-watch system but now the full-fledged app for the competition of Apple health or might be a better use of Google fit.

this might be an serious step of competition ground but when coming to comparison

The major redesign of the Google fit on august 2018 was a major step to cover the whole mess of the Google fit, Now the attractive look of the "fit " is pulling crowd to use it and new feature's like setting goal's and Accuracy in tracking are the two major parts of the Google fit

The interaction way of the App has been changed into many ways

The more minutes you move the more points you gain in the meter of the google fit, this conclude's that how intensity was in your activity or Goal achievement's on fitness

You can now connect Google Fit for iOS with other services like Apple Health, Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club, and Headspace in order to view all your activity data inside one app. There are bound to be other compatible third-party apps available at launch too — one of the best things about Google Fit is its compatibility with other fitness apps.

you can download Google fit for IOS here in the link below

click on google fit below


Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net