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What Vivo has for now ....?

Vivo has butoon-less chasis this is a big leap for the future

Vivo has gone very futuristic, according to the leap taken.

the button less chassis is replaced with pressure sensitive case

so this indicates that Vivo has a futurist

by the glance of the view we can see that it don't have a single button on it

this model is allegedly know as "Vivo-Apex"

this model has no physical speaker where it can produce sound by vibrating its glass-unibody this is called as sound-casting technology which has a alternate way that is "conventional speaker "

usually mobile's of this trend now a days keep their boom speaker's bottom down with a mesh grill placed .

so up-to now sources are small so we can't reveal about the charging way but as of now the shocking news is that it doesn't have charging port in it ....

so untill now the sources say that they have wireless charging phenomena in it .

While Vivo’s refusal to adopt wireless charging continues to be frustrating, the company’s iteration on in-display fingerprint sensors has been admirable.

The good news is that it works. The draw-back is that it involves covering the entire screen in individual sensors, which makes it expensive . It’s also a little slower than the Nex Dual Display’s sensor, though that’s forgivable considering how much easier to use it is. You can unlock the Apex 2019 pretty much just by picking it up, which offers a similar experience to secure face-unlock systems without requiring a notch like the iPhone or pop-up mechanism camera array like the Oppo Find X.

Probably not a lot. While it’s a really cool device from a design perspective, I don’t think I could use it as my main phone for few more days. It doesn’t even have a front-facing camera not a particularly big deal for me,but this could break a deal for selfie lovers's but given that this is the company that went out of its way to pioneer cute little motorized selfie cameras, you can tell the Apex 2019 isn’t intended for public consumption.

It’s undoubtedly an iconic and beautiful product,

so that's it for the Vivo Apex 2019 ..for now

stay tuned SVSKHD