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What are to be known from Google I/O: 2019

Recently google has kicked of their event and they pretty much maintained the Excitement and have done great job with particularly with "Google Assistant" & with "Security system"'s.

and this is the first large event in 2019 which has a Good start for tech developer's and tech lover's as well.

so this time Google has done many small things which are big for now to listen and to see in reality now here is the link below

for Google keynote 2019

the above key note is all bout the stuff to be released before this year those are some duplex feature's and some other minor stuff which aren't really minor they are seriously very big enough at Google I/O.

The above video is live and u can watch it its 2019 Google I/O and we can simply see the much more new stuff here,

what was the stuff which was introduced in I/O

we expect to see some stuff about apps and games along with Google Home products.

Now jumping into the Important Announcement's

1. Google 2019 opening screen

this will be obviously lead by "Sundar pichai" so this time the Augmented reality has played well by guiding the people a navigate them to their desire place or to their need's

This new feature will kick off really soon inn Google maps but this was announced very earlier, This time they have taken things with High security patch involved

The full coverage feature in Google News will also feature Google Search, including a full timeline of events and news from a variety of sources. Google has put some podcasts in order of Google Search

Now you can listen it directly form Google Search. Now that's a cool thing .

Google main key note's

Aparna Chennapragada

Aparna Chennapragada, What did she state about

  • Google Search,

  • Camera,

  • and augmented reality

The first thing is new Search feature let's you see 3D rendered models directly from Google Search and use augmented reality to place those with reality scenario. You can even do some unreal stuff like look for shoes and see how it fits with your outfit. Finally, see 3D models in your camera app and it seems to scale to size with whatever else is in the camera app. The demo showed a great grey body shark on stage and it was very impressive.

She moved on to Google Lens, available on most newer Android device's.

Now It’s built into Google Photos, Assistant, and Camera. Lens now has the ability to work with inherit native behavior with the camera and highlight things like popular dishes on a menu without the user doing anything with data from Google Maps.

Lens can also calculate the tip, split bill's of restaurant receipts in real time from the camera app without much user input.

Google is partnering with many companies to improve these visual experiences.
Sundar pichai also announced that Google’s voice models went from 100GB to 0.5GB, making it small enough to store it directly on the phone.

You can ask Assistant to make reservations for you and, well, it does. The demo on stage was very impressive. This works with Calendar, Gmail, Assistant, and more.

this was followed up by "Scott Huffman"

Scott Huffman

Scott Huffman has introduced us with Google Assistant Responsiveness with it's Voice models.

Assistant will be faster than ever like 10X or like more than 10X

Scott has discussed about the Assistant and called up Maggie for the continuous phrases and then the continuous phrases without saying "Hey google"every time isn't that cool this is super cool and the continuous catch up of the phrases was just amazing and it could answer for every continuous question's and this has just pushed up its limits beyond an virtual assistant.

u can simply send pics without spending time on selecting the best pics, u will spend only time for saying command's that's it

and u can eventually send selected pic's and send them to the person's u want to.

that's simply awesome.

Google will kick off Best assistant ever this time with best capture & continuity

and more than a Assistant it can simply say you the stats of temperature or traffic of your regular routine route's and place of your favorite people

that's with simple tap with voice.

Good job Google.

Final touch by Scott that this would keep u concentrated while u are driving without any disturbances and would set your preference's simply by a voice command

and hilarious thing is that u can simply stop alarm by saying stop voice command to it

or might snooze it say that too.

More important thing is that

Google state's that AI(Artificial intelligence) is for everyone with your privacy control

"Sundar Pichai" moves on to user security with a timeline of Google’s privacy and security features, including Incognito Mode and many other enhancements over the years. Your security settings will soon be even easier to access through Google Chrome with your profile picture in the top right corner. A new feature launching on May 7th, 2019 or by the end of event will let you delete old data that Google collected on your regular search. In addition, Incognito Mode will soon exists in Maps so you can search for stuff without it saving to your account.

AI will look after the Security too.

"Federated Learning" is one more new thing Google has been doing.

It lets Google learn stuff that what you’ve done, upload it to Google servers, combine it with everyone else , and then re-download the new model for smarter products.

Sundar Pichai used G-board as an example. Google is also focusing on helping disabled people by providing access to them.

Pichai talks about Live Transcribe and other accessibility apps & option's over the last few months.

What was live relay..?

Google want to combine all of this technology into Duplex functional way, Smart Reply, and Smart Compose to help the deaf and mute make functional phone calls even faster & easier with a new feature called "Live Relay".

Live caption will another way to interact hearing sense disabled people.

Stephanie Cuthbertson

Stephanie Cuthbertson has made an Most Anticipated Announcement's on OS development's.

  • Android,

  • Mobile OS lead innovation and development's

Stephanie starts out with some numerical's that 2.5 billion Android Active device's are out there in usage that's a huge significant no.

key dash-point's are

1. Android Q

2. fold able's including every fold able mobile in market.

3. Native 5G support.

Stephanie call's out Tristan to the stage to talk about Live Caption working on Android Q.

He demonstrate's the live caption and it works pretty well, he did it in airplane mode That's pretty awesome to show that there are thing's can be offline too. The whole live speech model transcriptional functions on the device with just 80MB, down from 2GB.

Smart Reply, an older feature with some new tricks in Android Q.

It works for all messaging apps in Android now, This can save whole lot of time

hell yeah, After a full long time we are in Dark mode of coming Operating system

Now u can manage your Oled battery hunger time with Dark mode.

Android has scored 26 out of 30 tests for malware protection and security. which is significant

Android Q features a whole menu for privacy.

It lets you control these things much easier on your phone & much faster.

Android Q also alerts you when apps use your location permission, and how you share location data.

Another new feature is the ability to apply security updates without ever rebooting the device.

It should work exactly like updating an application.

That is very exciting for OEM'S that don’t send security updates often.

A new feature Focus Mode. You can disable distracting apps and they won’t so much as send a notification.

In addition, Android Q has native family controls, including Family Link. Family Link lets you set daily screen time limits, approve app installs, and even set bed times. The beta is available on 21 devices, including all of the Pixels.

finally event to kick off PIxel 3A,3AXL

Pixel 3A color variant's

Sabrina Ellis

Sabrina Ellis has spoke about the two new Pixel devices.

  • The Pixel 3A and 3A XL start at just $399.

  • They come in three colors,

  • including a new one, Purple-ish.

  • These devices also come with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Sabrina makes about the new Pixel 3a being able to deliver high-quality photos without the expensive hardware. It’s basically just like the more expensive Pixels, just with a less powerful processor.

so more topics need to be covered will discuss in next post

that't it for this post

Amazing event of Google I/O 2k19

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net