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Upcoming flagship's of 2019, Some have launched and some are about to launch.

Some flagship's are released and some are about to release their second round of flagship's

What are about to launch then....?

1.Apple 2.One-plus 3.Google

Apple is about to launch it's flagship on Sept 10th

One plus will release its 7T model on 26th Sept

One plus has already dropped a bomb with "7 Pro" on june 1st as of now they are already leading in sales than any other flagship's


they also have killed many flagship's and they also have equal competition to.

Apple has to go their way to introduce their invention within their flagship "iPhone XI"


Google has their way to introduce "Pixel 4"

Google has made their unveiling of sensor's on twitter that's called Pixel 4

there is heavy round with tech here .

now we have three flagship's to discuss here

1.Apple, 2.Samsung, 3. Google

iPhone XI

Apple iPhone XI model has reportedly leaked with triple camera with square bump on rear side and front camera with some more ore same sensor's

there is no full screen in it as many flagship's have done it but iPhone XI is not to be Full sized bezel less screen

there are render model's below have a look

iPhone XI with triple camera lens with square patch

there you go with the iPhone XIR with Square patch on roll with dual camera lens

the complete tech speculation's on iPhone XI & iPhone XIR is here

Pricing will likely start at $999 and go up for additional storage or for the larger screen. We expect storage to start at 64GB with additional options for 256GB and 512GB.

there are speculation's on Apple to offer a 1TB option this year.

and iPhone XIR is about to price around 750$

same like previous flagship's

obvious thing with coming Apple flagship's

iPhone XI will ship with IOS 13

So the similar feature like power share and reverse charging for Pods when we place them on rear panel

that's all for Apple updates they are kicking off the launch event on Sept 10th of this year

the previous posts and speculation's on iPhone XI & XIR

are below

iPhone XI & XIR speculation's

Apple WWDC event on june 3rd

IOS 13 compatible device's

so the above posts are the posts which are suggested to have look to have a clear idea

on Future flagship idea's

coming to

One plus 7t

they have planned to launch it on Sept 26th

there is nothing much more expectation's on new tech expect we can see it the more faster Ram interface and with faster logical SOC in it.

One interesting thing is that it One plus will launch its next flagship with Android Q in it this is some new thing in One plus 7T and 7T pro.

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One plus 7 pro tech round up

coming to

Google Pixel 4

this was the footage from Google tweet as No hand's only gesture's

so there is a notch sensor line up here with much more space occupying than previous notch

unlike Pixel 3 and 3XL Ugly notch this notch is bit beautifull and worth it for the bezel space

Pixel 4 didn't go for any UN-realistic design here they have just made their design very practical and stable for their performance measure.

Pixel 4 Line up | SVSKHD

So here is the little info on upcoming flagship's check it out

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there will be clear specifications round in up coming post's

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More yet to hit the net