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Upcoming best electric cars in INDIA are here

There is a huge list is here on electric cars here,

those are below

with upcoming electric cars are here

First one is Audi E-tron

largest environment friendly vehicle with high power in it, and can accommodate significant number of person in this suv, this vehicles are usually expensive and within case of electric cars then the cars are pretty expensive and might simply just stun the price.

being a prototype and getting ready for sales in Indian market they might have soon boom in Indian market, But for now we have to admit that the sales push of the electric cars are very less market in INDIAN market.

let's not complicate it, We need to adapt the electric car's for many certain reason's.

This beauty in beast pack will launch upcoming 6 months, probably 2020.

Album of Audi E-tron and GT

Jaguar I-Pace

The jaguar I-Pace is the first electric car introduced by TATA motor's in Geneva show in 2018 and this electric car will launch in September 2020 in INDIA, Being the INDIAN company TaTa couldn't dare to introduce the expensive electric car's, and they have introduced and launched this model in some other countries which is already in a movement of good sales.

The stupid statement's will be heard by some companies like "this model won't be coming INDIA",

300 km of distance range coverage per full charge.

but the plan and tables have turned and now they are launching this electric car here in mere future.

This price could be around 51-53 lakh's

the i-pace gallery is below


They have introduced it to INDIAN market to many months ago for testing and review way to show the electric car, this car EZS electric SUV earlier this year in April has given a look through the social media and the hector was the first fossil petrol model, they had a great significant crowd gain for their first model and there could be early switch for them to launch the second model as E-vehicle

This could be launched at September 2019 or early 2020.

this could have 300 km of distance range coverage per full charge.

395 bhp installed in it and can gain 100mph in 4.5 seconds.

Nissan leaf

This is a hatchback look for the mini electric car and this car has excellent track of sales in other countries and Nissan has a plan to launch this car by this year ending and might be delayed to mid of 2020, for certain reason's

the facts of Nissan leaf is that, it can cover 400 km per full charge and also has some backup battery or we can call it as emergency working battery which will provide another 50-100 km depends on the drive speed.

this might price around 35-40 lakh's

interesting fact is that the full time charge might take 8-16 hour's

this car can also quickly charge to 80 percent of battery in just 40 min's.

There is a mini gallery about Nissan leaf here, well if wanted a glance then go through it.

it has also has 148 BHP installed in it.

Now coming to bikes

there is first INDIAN bike company called


has AI based electric bike which is simply eccentric and elegant in look's and completely customized bike which can also be customized by us, there is a full article on Revolt RV 400

here below.

Revolt RV 400

So proud to be INDIAN tech being this updates with electric bikes and soon electric car's

The tech spec's about Revolt RV 400

Soon more details to hit the blog, More yet to hit the net

there are incomplete details regarding tech specifications here below, But these are the vehicles which are coming for sure

soon with complete tech round up's will be here

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More yet to hit the net