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Completeness of new Galaxy fold is here, The new fold can do more than you think.

we never spoke about the Galaxy Fold completely but coming to Galaxy fold there are many to talk and many to share

Perfect device and I can simply say that there is overloaded smartness in this device.

let's see how is this device overloaded in smartness.

so there task running on the 4inch front screen will open up in full 7-inch screen and multitasking window will open in full screen.

So multi-tasking window will be open for your daily task just by unfolding.

so this sleek model is capable of 2,00,000 folds approximately

Ram 12 GB with 512 GB internal memory.

there is a dual battery thing is going on here with one battery of 4380 Mah for regular use and regular network LTE usage.

So another battery of 4235 Mah battery is here for just 5G battery usage.

Galaxy fold dual battery

so not just with the dual battery it also has wireless charging and will reverse charge the buds like same s-series and note-series flagships.

Galaxy fold reverse charge

there is also a wireless dock for handy charging

so now coming to screen size if you unfold it you will have a 7-inch huge bezel-less screen if you fold it you will have just a 4-inch screen

7 inch full screen

so this display is called an infinity flex display, by unfolding it u will have a 7.3-inch screen and by folding it technically u will have 4.6inch

it also has a separate front camera when you fold it which is a 10MP sensor.

and the best thing is that you will have a dual-camera as front sensors when you unfold it, triple rear camera sensors when you fold it.

the future era of foldable flagships are here with a quick start by Samsung and surprisingly this has best quality shoots.

so coming to technical round up there is a lot to talk about camera's Rear camera sensor are here.

so when you unfold you will have dual camera sensor at the front

unlike other flagships this device won't have an in-screen fingerprint scanner, it has fingerprint scanner side part like S10 e

no more confusion I will bring everything to one place.

so there are specs above clearly in one place.

there are many things you experience when you use it.

the work carried out can be finished quickly and other tasks can be taken in multi-window's

I personally like this folding flagship of Samsung and LG detachable flagships

so wanted to share a complete way of a fold.

there is a whole gallery of Samsung fold

so this is super expensive and it also has 5G rare network chipset, all together makes this device to price around 2000$.

so the speculated price is here below.

so there are more to know.

They released it in Korea, USA, Europe on the 27th of September.

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