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The electric car's are our future era, with some natural resource's need to be sorted out.

Tesla has got new competitor's now and these Eco friendly car's have been trend by Elon-musk,

so these has been a increase in list of competitor's with some enhancement's in battery and some extra resource's in a natural way.

These day's Electric car's have been increased in new feature's and enhancement's have been done in many way's so that u can see how these increment's are done.

yea now improvement's are seen in simultaneous recharge while driving and there is also a source of recharge by all time sun energy.

so we will see how are the electric car's have been using solar energy and how efficient is that..?

so that's none another than

"Light-year One"

these car has a excellent design with some ergonomic's count and some excellent feature's.

coming to feature's with numerical spec's.

Exterior / Performance

Range Drive

725 km (WLTP) All 4 independently controlled. Advanced torque Trajectory.

Energy use Dimensions (L x W x H)

83 Wh/km (WLTP) 5057 x 1898 x 1426 mm

Acceleration Charge speeds

0 – 100 in ten seconds Solar 12 km/h

3.7 kW at 230v 35 km/h

22 kW (Public) 209 km/h

60 kW (Fast charging)570 km/h


Seating Luggage space

Five adults Normal: 780 L Extended: 1701 L two in front, Center console: 12 L

three in back

Extra Media iteration's

Over the air software updates Apple car-play Companion App Android Car-play Wireless key

so this is the tech round up with in the numerical's included with clear explanation's and there are more to get reviewed and we have some visual's down here.

There is a clear detailed and some talks with the crew of the Light year One.

Stay tuned to


More yet to hit the net