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The new look of Moto Z4

Lot of speculation's on Moto Z4 but some render's might be confusing and some are irritating finally some push needed to this model.

And crisis has attacked Motorola for some good or bad they need to change their model's

Now that Motorola’s Moto G7 phone have arrived,

Moto is now turning their crowd's attention to their next high-end Moto Z(series).

this might be hitting upon Moto Z4


The Moto Z4 has SOC on Snapdragon 675 ,

48MP rear camera,

3,600mAh battery.

There are no reliable price leaks to go on yet,the phone’s predecessor, the Moto Z3, priced at $480 when it launched.

We can expect the Z4 will be around this figure or might be more.


This might house In-screen fingerprint, No visible scanner on the device body, there will be Moto mo support because those magnetic pin's are seen on rear side

Moto Z4 might be a reasonable switch from previous iteration but there will be a heavy competition and at this price point of 400-500$ we can fetch Google Pixel 3a

So Moto model's are over shadowed in the dominance of other flagship's, in point of 500$

If demand required then there should be significant decrease in price point of view for crowd pull.

They are also killing their own model's by introducing Moto Razr as a flexible flagship.

There will be more speculation's on this flexible model's and they will be several update's

updated here.

Moto razr foldable MOTO flagship

Moto Razr might hit the best flexible flagship and easy going on it, This might Over-rule and shodow the upcoming flexible model's or which are already on Play-ground like Samsung galaxy fold and Huawei Mate x Fold

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net