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The complete stuff on AI(Artificial intelligence).

from the previous post we have done some important announcement's about "AI"

now they are some incomplete topics which need's to be covered..

after the official launch of Pixel 3A and 3AXl

there was another topic to be concluded on AI

this was done by "Jeff dean"

Jeff on Artificial intelligence

So as we know google has done many substantial upgrade's on Ai(Artificial intelligence) and it's securities and they have stated that this will have high security control and your device will be under control of u for everything. eventual sharing of location's and their permissions are very prioritized this was discussed clearly in previous post

i will link it here below

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so "jeff dean" said its fluency of language from their google devices how's this possible so when coming to this fluency they included a mechanism called "BERT(Bi-directional encoder Representation from transformer's)."

"Bert" is a mechanism that where the system understands the context of meaning of words which are spoke by operated user, they have trained the full context of model with fun text and many more talk's to understand by many people.

Then jeff call's "lilly peng" for the next information on "Artificial intelligence" utilizing in medical technology .

LIlly peng on medical industry innovation

This includes phenomena of vision on diabetes, oncology, and other stuff. She talks further about using machine learning to scan and view CT scans for better malignant lesion detection in lung cancer with surprisingly good success.

It’s in the early stage

she called up Jeff again on stage.

So Jeff to talk's about

  • researching

  • engineering

  • Building the ecosystem

Satellite Scan and image synthesizer using Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

He talks about flood detection models and how it’ll help people in India avoid flooding this year. It’s a beautiful merge of many satellite photos, Machine learning, Neural networks, and physics. Google wants to improve these models even more to make sure everybody knows when a place is going to flood and which place will flood

so this wasn't simple for Google which it made a major step in joining more than 20 firms to solve Worlds biggest problem's and to control significant loss of man power.

these firm's includes anti-microbial imaging, speeding up emergency response times, and high resolution monitoring networks for improving air quality.

these companies will be funding by Google.

this is all it for Google I/O 2019 pretty exciting movement

the end of Google I/O was done by Jeff with some pretty inspiring words for upcoming tech to know.

that's all for Google I/O in 2019 with extreme development's in AI & ML and many aspect's

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net