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Stadia will hit by this summer


As we know the Google has introduced gaming branch based on cloud technology, so these were continuously exposed to ramp.

they have still some secrets to be exposed they might get all this on stage soon than we think or by end of this summer

they have some sneak peak from "Google I/0-2019"

Stadia Announcement's

Google will talk about Stadia’s pricing and launch.

Google will also make some additional game announcements somewhere around end of summer.

The company previously gave a sneak peak about some game's those were following

"Doom Eternal" and "Assassin’s Creed Odyssey" will be available for "Stadia."

We still don't know that, "What they mean by summer punch for Stadia news


We also don't know how or when they are going to release any update about these...still a question mark
there were some tweet's by Google about stadia, Recently.

They are some unknown factors from Google Stadia.

Pricing scheme Google will go with for Stadia. While the trend seems to be to go for subscription tiers,

There’s also a possibility that Google will charge people for a set amount of time with each game.

Price consideration

cost between $59.99 and $69.9.

finally a gaming experience from google this might break the records of might fall gradually let's see what will happen with competition of Gaming giants.

They are not simply getting their ground with a back-stab attack, rather we can say it has back-up with support of Bethesda and Ubisoft.

Two big developers that could announce additional titles for the platform.

so they are two big gaming giants with "Google" will render and support "Stadia" with best game's


they have some controller's with PS4 and Xbox one controller cross, there are controller's below.

that's all for now for Google stadia

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net