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Sony Xperia 1 will be very long enough to hold it.

i guess the weird smart tech will be out by Sony very soon enough but expected date is July 12th

and this Phone is continuously delayed on many aspects.

Yea Sony was in a dilemma of shutting down many iteration of the company but they have move on,

triple camera placement in Xperia 1 Sony flagship

So, some times Bad times make their best to hit u and bring the best good from u.

this device will go on sale from 12th July and it might not compromise in price it is around 949$

this guy will feature a tall display (21:9 4K HDR OLED) display spec's

that says no other phone has taller display

that means it will give u extra vertical space while browsing your social feed

Sony will gear up to launch this year’s flagship, details of its successor, Though it currently appears to be an incremental update.

The new phone will apparently shrink its predecessor’s 6.5-inch display down to 6.1 inches while maintaining its 21:9 aspect ratio, and Sony will also change the location of the rear triple-camera setup.

there is nothing much on technical round up but soon enough i will give a clear cut on clear tech round up in this flagship spec's

That's all for now about Sony Xperia

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net