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Sony has a new Smart CAR to hit the roads, not sure of Time frame.

But might come in the second quarter fo this year, we have a clear vision on Vision-S concept Smart E-car from Sony that was an unexpected move and was quite impressive from sony

so what has this car got and why should you need to keep it in mind, I see this car has an aerodynamic shape and 33 sensors, most likely including ones that enable auto-drive in another drive.

they can perform certain tasks which are listed below

  • 360 Reality Audio tech surround,

  • wide-screen displays

  • Time of Flight (ToF) sensors embedded inside.

  • and other features.

Sony didn't reveal much about Vision-S during the event, we can know more about this vehicle later this week in Las Vegas. For now, Sony is sharing about its CES surprise reveal.

Sony Vision S concept

"Safety Cocoon Concept"

Time of Flight (ToF) sensors embedded inside can detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car. (Those ToF sensors will also have a function with the onboard entertainment systems.)

All these sensors and technology combined create what Sony is calling it as "Safety Cocoon Concept" that can detect through 360 degrees around the car.

this car is on level 2 of automatic drive which can drive almost automatic but need to get monitored by the driver when the auto-drive fails or something doesn't work out within braking system in Auto Drive.

How does the drive feel and how much power does it


the car is four-seater and will consume 200KW engine can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.2 seconds and it can fetch 150 mph of top speed.

and we have got some serious questions on its performance and battery durability lets know more in upcoming days.

Gallery of Vision-S concept

More yet to hit the net

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