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So What has Apple made and what are they about to make ..

so here is the new chip where Apple has compromised from years, and now its back into that so what is that

so what is that and what was it .

simply a 5nm microchip

yes that's a 5nm chip which will power whole device into a power-house

how's that going to get powered with small micro-chip.

so Taiwan semi-conductor manufacturing company (TSMC), earlier than today that they have announced infrastructure for its 5nm process technology.

As we’ve seen with ever-shrinking processors over the years, TSMC touts improved speeds with its 5nm process relative to the previous iteration chips. TSMC had the following to say regarding the improvements:

so compared TSMC 7NM process,

TSMC’s 7nm process, its innovative scaling features deliver 1.8X logic density and 15% speed gain on an ARM Cortex-A72 core, along with superior SRAM and analog area reduction enabled by the process architecture.

Note:- TSMC is and has been Apple’s only supplier of the latest A-series chips since 2016. so Apple has been satisfied with A10,A11,A12 chips with extra bionic feature in (A11,A12). so they might continue with this chip for next generation's.

so why i am discussing this all

i will reveal the point with no delay

fantastic news is that Apple can now move forward with producing 5nm A-series chips for future iPhone's. We could see the chips in as early as the 2020 iPhone's, with this year’s iPhone's expected to feature A13 processors with the 7nm+ process.

There’s also a lining for Android devices. Qualcomm has done a good job of bridging the gap between its flagship Snapdragon processors and the A-series chips not only in performance, but also in the continually-shrinking chip processes. As such, we could see 5nm Snapdragon chips debut shortly after the A13.

so there is delay in making of 5nm chip for every flag-ship based company