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So let's talk about old beauty "Nokia-9"

So Nokia has got 5 camera's

Nokia might be very ambitious in flagship's they made their pure view with 5 rear camera's and with a flash aperture, cameras on the back that officially takes the crown for the most rear cameras ever put on a phone.

There’s a lot to unpack about the Nokia 9 PureView. Unlike other multi-camera phones, like the LG V40 or Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S10, the Nokia 9 PureView uses the same key specs for all five cameras: each one has a 12 megapixel sensor and an f/1.8 lens. But only two of those five cameras shoot in color — the other three are monochrome.

Whenever you press the shutter, all five cameras shoot different exposures at the same time, which then get merged together into a single, ultra-detailed shot. Depending on the scene composition, Nokia says that individual cameras can even shoot multiple exposures on their own to add even more data to the final image.

A smartphone camera that offers new levels of detail and color.

Nokia is actually employing Light’s Lux Capacitor camera-control chip here to manage the five cameras,

since the Snapdragon 845 is only built to handle up to three lenses out of the box (although the company also worked with Qualcomm to optimize the cameras as much as possible with the 845).

I was able to try out the Nokia 9 PureView’s cameras in person, and even on a pre-production unit, the phone was already delivering some pretty impressive detail, despite the rather dreary lighting outside. We’ll have to wait for a final version of the software and hardware before we make any real judgements,

Nokia is also teaming up with Adobe for the Nokia 9. Lightroom will come preinstalled on the device, and the two companies are developing Lightroom presets specifically tuned to the lenses on the Nokia 9 PureView.

some pics from Nokia 9

check the pics and more stuff to come regarding TECH