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Snapdragon 865 Powered flagship list is here. 2020 will be more enhanced than ever.

The agenda of tech is to bring out the best innovations every year we used to see the latest tech after years but now there is new tech every year and in mere future, we can see new tech comes out within months.

there is a huge list of tech and favourite to most of them in tech so they are into the lineup.

we have seen previously 90 -120 Hz flagships, soon we can see 140 Hz flagships with default 5G chipset, Samsung has already done it and now OnePlus is in its way to hit the globe with its 5G model.

though 5G ranges are low and need shifting radar equipment everywhere and this might take some years to adapt in some countries, and some countries have already done it through their carriers.

so coming to the list of flagships might accommodate the best series of Snapdragon 865 SOC is below.

so majority we see that there is a huge line up in Galaxy flagships and mere nearly they have a huge line of flagships than any other tech giant, though OnePlus has given their best tech to serve 5G and fastest OTA updates.

this time the speculations on the tech is easier than ever because of the powerful Soc they have made our assumptions easy and they are into making more Powerful flagships this time.

wanted to know how powerful 865 SOC is you can get into the previous posts or we have linked below.

865 Soc features

There are early renders and some leaks on giant flagships we have some speculated news over them you can check it out below Anchored links

Samsung S11, Note 11, OnePlus 8

there are more on updates on tech, Gaming and every corner in tech

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More yet to hit the net.