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Shakti Micro-processor:The first Indian Micro-processor

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Yea the best Architecture and one of the finest Architecture of our Indian science is here,

The best Microchip manufactured and invented by IIT(Indian institute of INDIA) Chennai division.

This Micro-processor won't be getting old because it has been made of all consideration's by International standards of Micro-processor's and this has entered to an Open source Microprocessor's which are available at World market.

This microchip is created and manufactured at "ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Chandigarh. "

and basic instruction's were followed, It was also selected as a best "Instruction set Architecture."

Microprocessor is completely designed on the new RISC – V (ISA).

RISC – V ISA is free and open ISA which is creating a new era of processor innovation.

RISC-V can be pronounced as (RISK-5) but coming to RISC is abbreviated as (Reduced instruction set computer).

Feature's of (RISC-V)

  • Simple addressing modes, even complex addressing can be done by using arithmetic AND/OR logic operations can be done easily

  • For efficient usage of the registers and optimization of the pipelining uses, reduced instruction set is required.

  • The number of bits used for the opcode is reduced in.

  • generally there are 32 or more registers in the RISC.

Advantages of (RISC-V)

  • Because of the small set of instructions of RISC, high-level language compilers can produce more efficient code.

  • RISC allows freedom of using the space on microprocessor's because of its simplicity.

  • Instead of using Stack, many RISC processors use the registers for passing arguments and holding the local variables.

  • RISC functions uses only a few parameters, and the RISC processors cannot use the call instructions, and therefore, use a fixed length instructions which are easy to pipeline.

  • The speed of the operation can be maximized and the execution time can be minimized.

yea the are pretty much draw-back's too

lets have a look on draw-back.

The performance of the RISC processors depends on the compiler or programmer

As the knowledge of the compiler plays a major role while converting the CISC code to a RISC code; hence, the quality of the generated code depends on the compiler.

CISC-Complex instruction set computer, the name itself indicates that this is structured complexly.

The Basic design of this processor and some initial work have started in the year 2011, The hard work does pay-off

After 6 long years of consecutive work Government has sanctioned them about 11 crore's fund for further research

Shakti microchip's have their own significance in their way coming to security

Since the design of the Shakti is Unique and is made of International standards, it can be used in many sectors.

It is mainly designed for embedded low power wireless systems and networking systems.

It is also reducing the trust on the imported microprocessors which are being used in the sectors of communication and defense.Shakti will have a huge significance when it gets started using in the defense, government agencies, and departments.

They are much more to discuss about our "Indian pride"

but that's it for now

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net