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Scientist's say that sooner than expected, but there is date confirmed yet.

At least they have confirmed in the window of July launch time but there is major error fixing the space craft .
Another point is that they can fix this issue without dismantlement the whole unit

So finally ISRO has decided and rescheduled the launch to july 22nd this tweet says everything and launch will initiate at 2:43 PM

Tweet from ISRO

So what was the Problem faced and troubled the launch is some what minor but might fetch big failure.

The major problem was, GSLV-MkIII cryogenic to a ‘nipple joint’ of the helium gas bottle that supplies pressure to the fuel and oxidizer.

The best thing is that they have door's to fix every crucial part of satellite.

The proximity of the faulty ‘nipple joint’ to the oxidizer tank that stores liquid oxygen at minus 183 degree Celsius.

If the joint was near to such low temperature, the reason could be small shrinkage of the joint. In that case it need's to get insulated or shift the joint said by the chief scientist.

previously ISRO has called off the launch at 1:55 am, More than 7000 people have come to watch the Amazing event.

but scientists say that they are lucky enough to find it out and launch it soon in no time and reschedule it.

Thus we have sooner update and a new time for launch updates after 2:43 pm.

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