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Samsung has huge plans on Upcoming flagships but more confusing moves are seen.

Samsung has a bunch new devices which are reportedly advertised with huge intensity and there are pretty silent on flagship release and there has been already a teased video on S20 and invitation on S20 devices.

Now, why is that confusing before flagship release they have a plan of releasing new iterations of Samsung flagship so they are heard as S10 lite and Note 10 lite and we have a clear view on their spec-list.

S10 lite and Note 10 lite are about the release on Jan 21st and there is a glimpse of the lite iteration images.

now coming to new flagships they are heard like S20 and S20 Ultra, there are many names called.

so there is clarified version that they will be three variants S20, S20+ and there will be S20 Ultra, similar to the nest models like S10, S10+ and another model with 5G chipset called as S10+ 5G variant.

similarly, S10+ 5G will be equivalent to Ultra variant, let's see the difference in specs and the new Galaxy fold is expected.

New fold.?

which kind of fold is seen here and there is new verticle clamshell fold will be seen here soon and there are some leaks altogether to see and we have already seen all the spec list of new galaxy fold.

there will be two folding devices unlike last year, they are Galaxy fold 5G and a normal version and now we see that new verticle clamshell folding design.

there will be new tow folding devices one is verticle fold and horizontal fold.

verticle fold will look like

that's pretty much about the verticle foldable and now there would be new specs in Samsung fold tradition.

S20, S20+

similarly, like the previous flagship, there are 3 flagships lined up to kick out in this year, there are pretty much new things going on here with S20 like high refresh rate displays some extra features.

S20 and S20+ are both the same devices just a difference in the screen sizes and the default processor 865 is supporting the high refresh rate displays though Samsung has a support of 120 HZ display and we have a better view on some spec's highlight.

5G chipset is the default in every flagship of Samsung nowadays and now when we look around S20 Ultra there is a camera bump standing out here with some extraordinary specs.

last year 5G was exclusive feature but now 5G tech is getting familiar with latest battery advancements to make devices more durable to the daily geared conditions.

every device is IP68 rated and this ultra has a default 108-megapixel camera as a main sensor with other three sensors, 8k with 108 megapixel and slow-motion will fetch great results.

year by year Processor have been pushing up the sensor to high numerics and flagships also price expensive, we are so much excited to have this device in hands for more clear review.

let's know more from here soon we will make a clear point on S20 Ultra and better visuals.

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