Samsung S11 first renders and some of the leaks are here. Just Speculations.

Nothing Official is here just on Speculations news but when it comes to Speculations on FLagships we can see that flagship are herewith speculations are 70% true and some are exaggerating features.

In some cases of Exaggerating features even, they become true when it comes leaks on Top flagships. the best thing is that you will have some sneak peek about the future expected flagship.

There has been a huge list of specs which are still in work and might come or might not come.

okay what is the list, the list is listed down briefly.

  • The most Expected Refresh rate in infinity Amoled with 120HZ or 120 frames per second.

  • the expected 108 MP for the Main sensor in the Camera unit.

  • The curved display is placed in S11E also or we can call it as S11.

  • least Ram model will be about 6 GB & 128GB Storage.

They might be expensive and will empty your pockets, and might cost your Kidney.

though Samsung makes some features to give tough competition to Apple flagships and end up giving the best competition.

Briefly on speculations are below.

There will be three models to be revealed as the routine of last year so there will be E-version and Flagship version. This is expected to launch on February month, why on February month S10 was launched on Feb 20th, S9 on Feb 25th.

This is predicted according to the past and this model will have the latest specs, being a flagship it will have latest Socs and some new specs also.

The default list of Specs in S11

  • 120Hz of screen

  • 108 MP ISO cell bright HMX, This camera can also capture 8K in 30 Frames per second, 5X Optical zoom.

  • next processor will be Snapdragon 865 & in some countries with a cost-cutting factor with Exynos 990 chipset will be replaced.

  • Default 5G network chip on board.

S11 gallery is below

the above images of the S11 are here see it the default punch hole camera is herewith Note 10 trend and Camera alignment is constantly changing in Samsung flagships.

Curved and screen bleeding towards the edge is there and will be with a centre punch hole camera and as usual, improved sensors and optimizations are seen in this flagship

this UI will have default One UI V.2

Samsung 5G flagships list

These are expected in 2020 Samsungs S-series flagships.

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