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Samsung S10e VS iPhone XR

S10e is a best flagship and killer of the the iPhone XR

so why is the question let me explain why is Samsung S10e is leading so the new screen's have pushed their limits and they called it as "Infinity-o-display".

minimized bezels with a hole punch cutout for front camera.

but the display doesn't bleed like previous iterations.

instead it has a flat screen but it will lead, by having an amazing display than the iPhone XR because XR has Lcd display when compared S10e looks elegant in display

when coming to screen to body ratio XR leads in this case

so tradition is continuing they didn't kill Headphone jack unlike other companies

So One UI is clean now and they are faster and push updates might be very much faster than ever

simply we can call it as Blazing fast experience

extreme fast finger print sensor than any other phone till now

Traditional fingerprint

So now coming to Negative points

Poor low-light camera photography as per records but my concern its very good Mediocre battery life

these are simple hardware specs of

8nm octa-core Exynos 9820 / 7nm octa-core Snapdragon 8556/8GB of RAM 128/256GB of storage,

expandable storage up to 512GB

3,100mAh battery


jackQi and PMA wireless charging with Wireless PowerShare

IP68 water and dust resistance

They’re also compatible with Qi and PMA wireless charging standards, as well as Samsung’s new Wireless Power-Share feature. You can charge other wireless charging-compatible devices by placing them on the back of the device.

so these aren't present in XR

they both cost about 750$

now where are u saving money, with these comparison's this is what i wanted to explain this .

So no LED

So no reverse charging

So no headphone jack

So no finger print

So no traditional continuing of some connecting's

this isn't any problem

but they might be serious issue in discontinuing some epic feature's and following their own way

this is a very problem for Apple fans ,and never wanted criticize the Apple Tech but in way of Uniqueness they aren't following up some competition.

So competition winner is S10E with same price

and i am not suggesting infact i am telling the straw truth