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Samsung fold: you can fold it now, The new fold will release on September 27th

Samsung has renewed the Galaxy Fold

They have finally done it after unexpected delay this device has re-entered now

unlike the other giants they have collected every damaged Samsung fold flagship and they re-engineered it and again yet delivered it to respective customer's

so what is the difference in the new galaxy Fold.?,

they have made a warning sheet before u use it, as the deep pressing or long-press on the screen aren't allowed.

The hinge gear of folding is much more firm & make much more clap sound than the previous model, this time the screen sheet has been stretched to the round corner's of the phone and they have placed some protector's to the gear for dustproof

there won't be lifting off the built-in screen protector's and hinge gear problem's

I see the great risk in Company trial & error but they have done it and made their best output with their hard work and feedback with some harshness or some sarcastic comment's

but finally, they made this Galaxy fold return with some durability and tech extension's

it is confirmed and will release on 27th of this month to the USA before that they have released it in Korea on 6th of this month

Samsung hasn't revealed about any price and career but these might price under 2000$

and the most sensitive & fragile model u might ever experience

so this might not be your regular gear and it also has 5G support in the latest model.

so the previous case of galaxy fold was that major user's removed the protector like substance which isn't protector instead which might damage your screen at an unknown measure like half screen or some broken screen apps

so not only removing screen sheet, we have also seen some hinge problem's

Screen hinge and broken screen problems

so there is much more firm galaxy fold is available at 27 th USA

Spec's and price will be updated later soon

if much more interested in fold-able phone then u can go through LG G8X

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