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Samsung Note-10 expected Rumor's

Recent updates in Note-10

they have 2 model's to hit the market

Samsung has its S-line flagship model's early deal breaker in every year and it end's with Note flagship with the same year end

Samsung Note-9

so every flagship will have new spec's and will have atleast new SOC(system on chip)in it.

so this will have atleast speed up the operations in case of every company.

But coming to Samsung flagship will have atleast more than 2 feature's , being a giant many leaks and fan expected leak's happen this is case of huge reputation

But we still have some month's to pass for the Note release but why Note leak's happening now

this is all because of just increasing no of fan's for the the flagship network

There is a possibility of different name of Note iteration's, May not be Note-10.
Although it’s been over seven years, Since the device iteration's, Samsung might want to avoid any marketing confusion that could occur with two devices having such similar names.

Second one

The second reason is that they aren't releasing only one model in this Note iteration's,

they are releasing multiple variants in Note-10 iteration's

last year Note 9 was released on August 9th and hitting store's on 24th of same month

The certain news is that Note 10 or other name's for Note upcoming iteration's will not be same as the Samsnung S series -lineup when we compare to the previous iterations Note is complete different form the Samsung S-flagship series and Note is utilized for completed different agenda unlike Samsung S-series.

but from the above point we might differentiate that Samsung s-series and Note iteration's, but now there is doubt of expecting similar Infinity-O-display to Note like a Punch hole or might introduce a new Infinity display with no bezel and place a pop-up machine or some kind mechanism for camera placement.

floating rumor

familiar thing is that they will have camera on stylus for easy document scanning.
they could ditch Physical buttons that's already done but when Samsung does it it has its own way. "that's called capacitive touch"
Biggest change is that Note will not release in a single model but will be in 2 model's like bigger screen(6.7 inch) and smaller screen(6.4 inch).
Note:-these rumor's are very highly speculative, Some might be true and some not.

As previous brother Note-9 is very expensive one, so Note 10 or upcoming iteration's won't be cheap.

The baseline of Note-9 is 1000$ of 6GB Ram and 128 gb Rom and 1250$ for 8GB Ram and 512 GB Rom.

we can't expect Note 10 to be less than 1000$ at any point of view with higher spec's when we come to the latest iteration old model's will be cheaper.

That's all we got for now till then

stay tuned