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Samsung has More Tech which can't be digested by the market.

Two new Smart Displays from Samsung and they aren't stopping with Smartphones and Smart TVs and also in AI and they are about to show neon Project in CES 2020.

We are pretty much excited for this year for tech innovations and many more in Tech usability, These days tech developed in a stretch which can engage a man continuously on it without moving an inch.

Okay now let's have look on Odyssey Gaming badge Monitor which come in two variants with default 240 Hz refresh rate and this is also coming up with Nvidia G-sync & AMD Free sync.

The speciality is that you no need to set the smooth flow display rate in gaming especially it can switch according to the game and will reduce your efforts of enjoying the gaming way.

and I am very much curious on this display to launch and this display could also be expensive though and expected to show up in the second quarter of this year but this will give you a looks in CES 2020.

This guy is technically sound with great specs and will also have a curve in the display structure of 1000R Curvature and with 1000 nits of brightness and it has a resolution about 5,120 x 1,440 with the ultra-wide display, the thing is that you don't need to have two monitors to monitor your multiple tasking.

Samsung Odyssey Gaming display

There is no info in Pricing but itsn't less than Mac Pro display which pushes Samsung Odyssey display to premium display category

just the thing is that we can't expect this display at a cheaper price.

Gallery on Odyssey Monitor

there is a lot happening with Samsung and they are also coming with budget flagships called S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite

More yet to hit the net

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