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Samsung galaxy A-series has a flagship flow in it , Confused !, yes it has flagship line-up in it.

now Samsung has A-series with no punch hole, Notch less screen and many much more to know.

now we need to know about what is that line up to surprise Samsung has A-series with numerical line up as "A-80" pop-up camera and a rolling camera unit (or) simply a pop-up rolling camera.

yea they are several updates regarding this pop-up rolling mechanism, this is a new trend followed up by every companies flagship.

popup-design's aren't new to market or user's which have been familiarized with Vivo Nex, Oppo fynd X, and rumored One plus 7 so these are the companies which have pushed their limits with full effort's for notch less screen's.

but coming to selfie and rear camera are the same unit where we can use all camera unit for both phenomena. why or how can we use it simply the pop-up unit has revolving camera so that the whole camera unit will turn to take picture's.

there will be many hardware issues when involved with these kind of rotatory motion devices so they might give kind of scary feeling to buy the phone but never to hesitate Samsung has best services apart with their flagship units

Camera unit used as Selfie

None the less information and we need to confirm with the company to see this flagship

stay tuned