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Samsung Book S vs Mac Air, the tough one & Samsung might have upper hand in specs.

Samsung has made a huge leap in laptop mechanisms, We haven't noticed about that, there is exact slimness & thinner than any laptop.

we thought of comparing both Book S & Mac Air with specs and also with the dimensions for the clear sleekness winner, There could be an excuse for Samsung, due to Mac Air is in the market for a long time and will not fade by Samsung easily.

though Samsung has a made their point of vision in display and thickness, Where Mac Air could be some thicker than Book S

the handy & common point is that we can carry both of them easily anywhere and everywhere. the ecosystem is getting bigger everywhere.

The ecosystem was just a familiar term in Apple but now Every giant is pushing to make their ecosystem familiar, and making their Operating system handy with some huge collaboration.

Mac Air


Samsung Book S

so there is a newbie competing with the old professional in the market within laptop sectors.

we will compare their technical specs below.

so there is a clear spec comparison but Samsung has some upper hand in the first itself, and they might get improved next time, let's wait for the next Max Air to get revealed for the tight competition.

though we have seen the processor there is no especially new processor in Mac Air, like the normal intel core i5 processor is placed at every laptop brands, but in Samsung, the smartphone processor king Snapdragon has programmed for that so we need to see the capability of the Book S in long run.

Samsung Book S is slimmer than Mac Air and has more storage capacity than Mac Air

Samsung Ecosystem has also expanded it can perform dex operations and the basic ecosystem of Samsung Galaxy flagships.

every brand is making their ecosystems and creating ecosystem isn't that easy like Apple did but Samsung has somehow managed and matched to expectations

and I like the progress of Samsung personally than established Apple, but since Samsung releases tons of phones while Apple flagships could be countable.

the one and only drawback of Samsung is that it has less update ecosystem which is not timely and they have a large flagship line up to release simultaneously.

so the updates are the main problem in the Samsung ecosystem, that might get corrected soon with time cycle.

Apple is perfect with the updates and they push it before a month before their flagship release.

so and giants are getting more bigger with their devices and smartness through the devices.

there is a gallery below for both the Book S & Mac Air.

so there is a brilliant ecosystem of apple and Mac air is also has an option of 16 GB ram option there won't be an expandable storage option, unlike Book S.

Samsung Book S gallery.

Both guys are great at the expensive price point, Samsung is new and bit lagging at some features like processor clock speed and ram option.

unlike laptop sleekness, Samsung is thinner and lighter than Mac Air

we decide it as Tie.

because they have their points to win in certain sectors.

this is completely on Audience

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