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Why not S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite, I love the design though.

So yes they are true, out of many Arguments we have seen Official news on Samsung galaxy devices are back and soon enough we can see these devices and will they affect the latest devices.?

Why should even care about the Lite version of dominant flagships because Flagships aren't available to everyone and every feature of flagship is not needed to everyone like 5G chipset and many more, many have a desire to own a Note 10 for their work or other accessibility some buy them and some may not because of they could break our savings.

but I hope Lite versions could be in your pocket without emptying your Pocket.

and we still don't know the price of these lite versions but we surely know the specs and we have tabulated for you below.

we can see a clear view on specs and Note 10 Lite is a bit behind in camera unit though the device is equally powered in everything and they aren't ripping off the stylus features.

they are keeping it same features as Flagship (Note).

and there is no clear presentation on headphone jack so, Samsung is killing headphone jack slowly in their device and if you want headphone jack then there is always an option in Samsung S10E which is also an equally powerful device with 5.8 infinity O display.

glance on device

S10 Lite

S10 Lite

Note 10 Lite

Note 10 lite

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