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Rivian The new Electric Automotive SUV

#Rivian #Electric #Car

Rivian The new Electric Automotive SUV is here soon or more than soon and before than expected will be here till now the total spec's and all about the car demo's are here with some visual's.

the dynamicas of "R1T" is here and u can simply see how the body is washed out and flexed with the re-inventing the stuff to see the improvisation's here.

there are completely two models were showed up for now, and i guess u can apply just for news letter for now

so there are two distinctive model's

One is electric truck(R1T) and Another one is SUV(R1S).

so coming to some visual round-up in R1T is below

The world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles

Up to 400+ Miles*

Quad-Motor System

For superior control on road - and way off

Wading Depth of 3 Feet*

Taking EVs where they’ve never gone before

0-60 in 3 Seconds*

Electrifying performance with zero emissions

Rivian in the wild

To the coast, to the mountains, to the woods and back — all on a single charge. This is electric adventure.

R1T All-Electric Truck

five-passenger pickup delivers unmatched capability, efficiency, utility and performance. Adventure made us do it.

Ultimate control on every terrain Greater lockable storage than any vehicle in its class

What makes this adventure different?Everything.

Touch. Go.

The digital dashboard is designed to simplify navigation, keep you connected and entertain on command.

Form meets function.

With its bold proportions, welcoming lines and striking expression — it’s safe to assume what’s underneath is equally refined and unmistakably Rivian.

Space to recharge.

We brought the essence of the great outdoors inside — combining sustain able sourced wood with colors and textures inspired by nature. In the places adventure tends to leave a mark, we used premium, utilitarian materials that invite rugged, daily use.

Keep exploring.

It’s the details that make a journey memorable.

Flexible Crossbar System

Easily expands and collapses so you can mount gear on the roof, the bed and the bed floor.

Gear Tunnel

The gear that never fits anywhere, fits in perfectly.

Quad Drive

An off-road feature that allows you to maneuver out of any situation.

Rear Bin

A full-size spare tire, conveniently stored beneath the bed, helps you prepare for the unexpected.

Bed Functions

Charge up with three 110 V outlets, fill up with compressed air, and lock up your valuables with our Gear Guard.


In Rivian view:- You can’t measure fun. can you?


Up to 400+ miles*


0-60 in 3 seconds*



Towing Capacity

5,000 kg*

Lead the charge.

so its an american company pre-order's are open and

they are clearly available for America, Canada,Mexico

but a worth of seeing this car and the another iteration has same feature's but with fully

so coming to Interior's of Rivian they stick same to R1T and R1S to. the same steering and dashboard

coverage of dome in it and this can be used as 7 seat Adventurer.

so that another model is called as R1S (covered SUV).


a video glimpse for the R1S model

so this model is similar to R1T and same spec's around with same pull and torque installed here.

so here and then u can see how's the full covered SUV and truck is powered to rumble for the electric vehicle Adventurer.

and down there below u will see video about the R1T

so the videos are placed by side to easy compare and u can see which type of vehicle styled person u are.

the amazing stuff is that now u can simply see how the electric's are used to develop the mechanical department with "0" emissions that's the efficient way of usage of electric uses and to protect our environment.

so some visual round up for R1T below

so there is a another video round-up for the R1T

that's all for the Rivian New EV Adventurer here

and more clear detailed review in

"Potential shift "



More yet to hit the net