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INDIA'S first ever Electric AI-based bike is here , spec's and price are here, Be first to know

The first ever bike with AI based technology in addition with Electric fuel in it and also certified form ARAI, And also Bike will have 156 km range of distance coverage with fully charged battery, This might have 125 CC Motorcycle.

As it is AI-based and will accommodate 4G e-sim in it

Charge your Motorcycle like a Phone

So the full charge will give u the range of 156 kms

The Revolt RV 400 was unveiled for the first time on June 18, Pre-bookings have already begun on revoltmotors.com for Delhi and Pune, and from July 5, 2019 on Amazon.

Revolt RV 400 is equipped with an embedded 4G LTE SIM which enables all the internet based features on this bike. The features could also be accessed through the Revolt App which is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

feature's of revolt Bike

bike location with Map guide, real-time bike information on the map such as battery charge and estimated range, geo-fencing (just in case you lend it to someone), ordering the battery at your location, finding the nearest swap location, bike start-stop through Bluetooth and cloud space for document upload, share bike location, online payment gateway for battery swap and all these apps will be updated through Over The Air (OTA) updates.

Battery spec's

The impressive range of coverage distance is seen in revolt about 156 km's with full charge with ARAI certified range and it takes under four hours to get it fully charged. The battery is also swappable and portable,making it really handy to carry to our home or office for charging which means you don't need to spare extra time. Moreover, it also gets three riding modes, Eco, City and Sport which helps to enhance performance when required or save the juice if you want.

Revolt says that the electric motorcycle will perform equivalently to a 125cc motorcycle. The Revolt RV400 will be assembled in the company's Haryana facility which has a production capacity of 120,000 units.

You can choose the exhaust note through the app and can even make one as per your preferences.

the gallery sneak peak is here below have look

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