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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is into a limited list of 2020 flagships, briefly about 865 Processor.

why are 865 processors are into the limited list, they are certain reasons for that and will certainly very powerful than previous Soc's, they are huge enhancements and made the soc driver handy for making future scope devices.

Unlike 855 processor, this 865 processor won't be familiar they are certain reasons, they are high-end enhancements in 865 processor and they are very handy to the user though.

that's not the reason for the 865 processor in a limited list of 2020 flagships.

first, let us jump into the features of the 865 processor then we will know why this soc is limited to just some flagships.

the brief points on 865 Specs

Inside Snapdragon 865

865 processor has manufactured in the way of 7nm sized and this also based on 765 manufactured for some of the 5g flagships, and this still needs an external booster for the 5G connectivity, some of the basic features are missing like

GPU speed and some are not yet disclosed.

865 is all about loading up high-end sensors to make daily tasks easy and enhance the tasks.

  • New GPU 650

  • Display support (90-144Hz default frames per second).

  • Enhanced AI

  • Enhanced ISP

  • Connectivity range

  • Supports huge memory

  • increased fast charging chips

What can new GPU can do.?

this is 20% more powerful & faster rendering graphics than previous SOC's and has a feature of getting drivers updated through Play store for every Quater year or whenever they push the updates.

this is claimed to be 35% more power-efficient than the previous SOC's, 5 new features are introduced

  1. Desktop forward rendering

  2. enhanced gaming colours

  3. adaptable GPU drivers

  4. Increased stabilized gaming Performance

  5. perfect HDR Blend

1. This shows the best view in desktop-class, dynamic shadows, Motion Blur, many more.

2. Gaming colours are enhanced and they look very vibrant, intelligent way to enhance the colours.

3. These drivers are adaptable and can be updated through Play store that's a huge plus point.

4. providing adaptive and predictive real-time system tuning for sustained performance over longer periods of time.

5. This is a new “hardware embedded” feature that can be used to improve performance by up to 2x graphics.

What are Display Enhancements

these days highest refresh rates are seen in every gaming screen and also it has been trending in in mobile screens with highest refresh rates which make these screens stand out among all the screens.

we have some flagships in 2019 with 90 HZ to 120 HZ,

but with this SOC in 2020 flagships they can accommodate easily 144HZ frames per second and this can support intense gamers to their level of gaming, 140Hz display might be underworked in various firms might be 2020 should be the year of 144 HZ refresh rate devices.

so there is some 3d tech for under-screen fingerprint display, this will enhance the best movements of fingerprint sensor and might increase the speed of device unlock. this tech is only seen in S10 & Note 10

What is there in Ai improvement

the most Powerfull AIo chip will put the virtual assistant into the exact load to give up the best results, year on year the SOC's get better and can perform 15 Tops, thanks to 5th generation AI engine, Overall performance increase of 865 processor is about 35% when we compare to 855.

This can support multi-word wakeup, meaning it can react to “Hey Google” or “Alexa”&"Whatsup Bixby" some custom keywords to trigger the virtual assistant out with the special powerful sensor support with rapid responses recorded.

What is ISP Improvement

The new spectra 480 can execute exceptionally efficient network coverage with 2gigabytes per second, this has improved the network speed in favourable network conditions and will take time to familiarize with all the countries.

there is also a best Pixel loading tech with 4pixel per cycle unlike old Processor with 1 pixel per cycle, there are high possibilities of shooting 4K with 64 MP and also can process the images from the 200 MP sensor

there are some extraordinary specs listed out they are

  1. 8K resolution at 30fps

  2. 960 frames per second in super slow motion at 720P.

  3. Video capturing in Dolby HDR

  4. 64 MP -200Mp sensor capturing images with zero shutter lag.

briefly, these are the points in ISP.

What is there in Connectivity Enhancements

Snapdragon X55 was introduced to enhance the networks work in a fraction of seconds with 2G/3G/4G/5G also and now this is supported by 865 Soc, Multi modem is manufactured in 7Nm, this can support 3-7.5 Gbps,

  1. Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS),

  2. global 5G roaming

  3. 5G multi-SIM connectivity.

Wifi 6 is certified and has a new connected modem to fetch great results in Wireless network.

Bluetooth has also upgraded slightly with a new version called 5.1 this can enhance the range of connectivity and best crystal clear audio.

Memory Enhancements

Giants have already into the best Memory transfers with high speed internally and external storages with the help of LPDDR5 Ram, the quick switch on apps have made a huge pressure on the necessity of best ram. there aren't changes in UFS 3.0.

but soon there might be changes and might introduce new SOC compatible rams.

this is already seen in OnePlus & Samsung.

Best charging way

Quick Charge AI extends the battery longevity, but it’s possibly dynamically adjusting the voltage like USB Power Delivery’s Programmable Power Supply (PPS). still yet to get more updates on Network and battery way of expansion to

2020 flagships.

The smartphone industry has progressed rapidly this year, and the new Snapdragon 865 reflects those changes. 5G, high refresh rate displays, high megapixel cameras, and AI features will only continue to get more powerful and sophisticated, and Qualcomm’s latest premium SoC seems ready to handle the upcoming 2020 flagship

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