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Pods vs Buds, Apple vs Samsung ,Giant fight

In every flagship they compete each other and they have constant friction between them.

competition between them is making some beautiful products its never a doubt about it

Yes, When it comes to competition they make their products more efficient and release them into market to get their reputation.

now coming to the point

Samsung has made spectacular job with Samsung S10 & S10+ with some Awesome and limits pushing specs into it an Astonishing look's of device.

and the laser cut-out of the device is very much attractive which keeps Samsung in first place for avoiding Notch and playing their game as they wanted.

They didn't manufacture any phone with Notch and they never killed 3.5mm jack,

was never like Apple. To force clients to buy their tech to have their business. this is clearly pushing limits beyond.

Pushing limits must make an user friendly experience to the client that doesn't happen in Apple unless and until u buy the every tech synch with flagship

okay......okay......I get it for Apple fans, but these are the difficulties faced by fans Apple flagship's

Samsung every time make their flagship make their way of convenience to the clients

after year's they made their move on pod's buster. they released their mode of wireless earphones called "BUDS"

so these BUDS have wireless charging with case holder for the charging indicator.

But when coming to BUDS they are simply awesome when compared to pods so when coming to price of buds it is 130$

when coming to Air-pods pricing about 199$ so here is the difference, we see in first deal breaker now coming to core aspects S10 & S10+ can reverse charge the iPhone Pods too , When placed on back panel this feature is absent in iPhone till date flagship's.

the major drawback, Apple might utterly fail when it come's to some significant features when compared to Samsung

S10 flagships have Equalizer and they have best sound for some audio and for some fav song's.

but when clients give their feedback Air-pod's sound better on phone call's than Buds

coming to range Air-pods is 50 feet on phone-call's but on Buds it ended up at 42 feet so this is point where Buds lagging.

So people involved in Apple Echo system they might not opt any other Tech even it is cheaper and have much more spec's than Air-pods this is simple reason of deal-breaker.