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New controller from Play station, these are new leaks from new patent rights.

There is much happening in upcoming PlayStation and this PlayStation is coming on 2020 holidays so this is still no news on any accurate date but soon date will get revelled.

now coming to the new controller from Play station there is huge speculation and patent rights on the new controller from Playstation 5 or Upcoming PlayStation.

we have some speculated specs on PlayStation 5.

Controller shape won't change and default design from Playstation will stay in the same shape in addition we will have bottom keys and will more likely to function as triggers and might be easier in firing and will help out in RPG games category.

and Controller will come up with an old micro USB connection which might not be Playstation 5 controller or that's just confusing, or they are going to release in mid of 2020 for the PS4 pro gaming update.

they are things just we need to know more but according to the image of patents we can see that they have kept the micro USB same look as the Dual shock 4

as of we know that PlayStation 5 controller will come out with USB C type

let's wait for the more updates on this still more to get revealed.

Whole controller sketch gallery is below

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