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PlayStation legacy will continue and get ready for the next iteration "PlayStation 5."

so the fans and many more were waiting for these console machine to hit but Sony was reportedly releasing the alternative model like PS4 slim and recently PS4 Pro but now they have come to the main play

Play Station 5

is confirmed

and date is yet to be decided but somewhere in

Feb 2020

so we are getting into the fifth generation of PlayStation 5 and new thing is that they have enhanced new Play station joystick with some new trigger buttons with new haptic feedback placed for the effect of the trigger buttons.

recently Sony has confirmed about the news & rumours of Playstation 5 and they made a statement that this would be a true leap into the next level Console gaming era with true and deep graphics going on with the R&D

PS4 Pro

Sony had a brief discussion on specs recently

Play station 5 will have AMD work to finish on the processor board & the same brand on GPU work, This will support the 3D Audio and 8k graphic visuals.

The ray tracing the most visible feature in the most high-end PC's, so the exciting stuff is that we can see that stuff in "PS5."

so the next generation graphics be like real-life experience, it is going to be so real that the images are designed into 3D to render through ray tracing.

Ray tracing image

The CPU will have 8 Core on AMD Ryzen line up & Graphic unit will have Radeon live up so this is the brief tech explanation on the processors and speed expected from the PS5.

Like the PC which has been designed to boot up in a fraction of seconds with the help of SSD, they use HDD for the storage & SSD for booting up the PC but unlike these PC's they will ditch the HDD and will jump into the SSD for fast boot and loading of the game

this will reduce the speed of loading time significantly through the SSD option.

this phenomenon has been in explained in PS4 Pro as an example that if it takes 10-15 seconds to load a game then that would take 1-2 seconds to load a game in PS5 by the favourable option of SSD.

The traditional optical drive will continue and will also support Blue-ray discs that are very handy to move on to the home theatre system.

so the gamers who want to jump into next-generation, they can easily switch from PS4 any variant to PS5 because PS5 will also support PS4 games, That's the great ecosystem of Console gaming.

PlayStation 5 will support the current hardware and might get new hardware before the release of PS5 or after the PS5 release.


Cloud gaming

the most awaited one from the PSN network, though that's very late because Project X cloud has planned for its testing later this year and Google Stadia is already out as cloud gaming, though Sony PlayStation have their own huge fan base but there is going to be a huge competition.

but there is a plan of Sony which has tied a knot to Microsoft for data centre access which might be a great support to cloud Gaming field.

Microsoft has huge data centres which will give the best part of access to the PS network.

not only cloud gaming but Sony has the plan to hit into mobile gaming platforms also.

partnership with Microsoft will help out in both Artificial intelligence & Video game content streaming.

if the Game streaming service would take less data than the Stadia gaming service then that would be great, According to the discussion, it would require 5mbps far less than Stadia service.

PS5 Controller

the previous controller has done a great job but coming to the new iterative there are many great improvements are going on

expected improvements are

1.enhanced battery life

2.adaptive trigger buttons

3.haptic feedback experience

4.wireless pads for charging & wired charging also included.

PS4 Controller gallery

so there are more to tell about PS4 games soon we will reveal those

just info on PS5 the upcoming legacy of PlayStation

we made a comparison on PS4 slim & PS4 PRO, can know more about PS consoles from there

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