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Back to back console's are here, Play-station 5 is here, Most awaited gaming machine.

As we know it's been many year's from the release of Playstation 4 and now Play station 4 has been old and Now we need Playstation 5 or next playstation with higher upgrade's let's see what has Sony announced.

so next generation will have more and new feature's nothing in technology is future proof need to remember this point.

The next PlayStation console is on its way, and it's set to a bigger, better and more powerful gaming machine than any PlayStation before it.

The news up to now is null but the chief architect of Playstation has just revealed only about hardware spec's and new future choices in PS4 slim and Pro so till now it's still a dark room in PS5 simulant.

The PS5 will still play discs that's for sure till now,

we still don't know what is upcoming from Sony because they haven't showed off any new stuff in E3 2019

unlike Microsoft, Xbox has new Scarlett machine to hit the ground at end of 2020, they have showed off their product in E3 2019 demo.

But Sony isn't quiet about promotion's and detail's but a bit quiet when compared to Xbox promotion's.

The expected Design of PS5

Those who don't know what is PS5

PS5 is Playstation 5 which is the latest iteration of previous gaming machine's like Playstation 4

and previous version's

It might release on mid of November of 2020.

Price is not known till now and no speculation's.

but reported pricing list of Playstation 5 might be above 400$.

the spec's are here, they are for sure, little modification's might be done at release time

8-core AMD chipset based on third generation Ryzen architecture,

with a GPU taking the best bits of the Radeon Navi GPU family,

A built-for-purpose SSD storage system,

Audio enhanced in 3D.

This will also run PS4 Games with in it.

8k supported format in it

Playstation VR support also is expected .

8k supported and Audio to another distinct level will be seen here,

and these are revealed by "Mark Cerny"

The chief Architect of Play station

No surprises that we can say that Upcoming playstation will faster and faster than previous playstation.

Soon much more to know about console's

Next would be about Xbox .

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