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Why PlayStation 4 Pro, why should you take this.?

So why should you opt Playstation 4 pro, The best gameplay will be experienced in Playstation 4 pro than slimmer model, so for the gamers, the sleekness doesn't matter unless & until it performs so why PS4 Pro you need to know more so there is 4k support in Console games and will help you in competing with the PC graphics.what is the shape and size of PS4 Pro?

The large-sized PS4 ever and this is the most powerful model to sense the intense game Ultimate gaming experience with PS4 Pro.what does the excellent gaming experience need ..?

  • excellent frames per second executor

  • Visual efx at greater resolution

  • Gaming range will lie between 1080p to 1440P

  • Enhanced 4k resolution

the above Qualities are included in PS4 Pro and many more

PS4 is installed with AMD board of 8cores which has nothing to point out on speed and GPU is within the AMD Radeon total graphics engine which has dedicated graphic memory and Executing Memory.

The storage option is about to 1TB those are the default of PS4 Pro storage.so this model is bulky and will weigh up to 3 kgs, that weight isn't more or you won't even feel it if you have a core love towards gaming.

When connectivity comes to play you can use it like your smartphone, Bluetooth, Wifi, and ethernet port are available. so common HDMI & Digital out pins are available. So specs are discussed briefly and why PS4 Pro and who can opt these consoles.there is already PS4 & PS4 slim now the gaming trend has been changed vigorously so they have made a professional gaming station for intense and immense gaming time with the smooth gameplay experience

but we need to compare these game stations clearly to know the differences.

The tech comparison is in the above table

we can say that Ps4 pro is a technical leap and there are specs which are simply above these old models

this PS4 Pro is just for wholehearted gamers who can simply sit & play games for hours

and you can also enjoy the PS4 & PS4 slim but coming to pro it has enhanced tech than the previous model.

They are simple improvements in the Slim model just the hood smooth edges and Bluetooth improved capability.

should you upgrade your PS4 ..?

if you have full & appropriate functional PS4 then you need to opt PS4 slim but if you need a huge leap and difference in Gaming you can opt PS4 Pro.

PS4 is completely a huge console leap in gaming

No worries for the gaming list as PlayStation 4 has much more game list than XBOX.

PS4 Pro will run every game programmed for slim and the first PS4 model.

The price comparison is done below

so there are best deals in INDIAN E-cart sites

grab them for more info

check the deals in Indian e-cart sites

PS4 Pro

at 33,000/-

PS4 Slim

with 3 games at 28,990/-

so these are the deals at best bargains

PS4 Pro galley below

PS4 Slim gallery

have a look at both of these and see the bulk difference between them

so there is it pretty much differences and price comparisons and many more to hit soon we are experiencing console gaming every day in PS4 Pro.

and soon we will compare the PS4 pro with PC gaming with high-end specs loaded

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