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Playstation 5 Overview might match the hype with incredible specs.

Sony has revealed the logo of PS5 previous year and then they have made some interesting update on it and then we saw the same way of specs and higher in Xbox.

But these both have a different fanbase and they will surely have a great tug of war, but though Playstation had many games than any other consoles which were and is also a plus to this console to be deal to many gamers with some satisfaction.

but a whole lot of core gamers prefer mastered fit PC to hit giant games and now these consoles have been powered to the range of PC games and might be flexible enough to run every huge game.

When is it coming up.?

Clearly we know that this gaming console is about to release in May 2020, since some obstacles of Covid-19 they have recently made changes and now it has been postponed to Nov or Dec 2020.

this will release be this end of this year and we are about to witness it a bit later.

So what's under Hood.?

UI experience

PS4 has a very functional view and works well and a bit static too, so this changes yet to take place in PS5 UI, there aren't just changes in just UI also changes done in many aspects.

the OS in PS4 was fair enough to boot up the game but wasn't that good enough for multiplayer games, this could be improved in PS5 and also will have multiple options while playing which will easy in this UI and this is easy to catch up for the gamer to switch games in between for multiplayer programmed games.

The agenda of new UI is to make a better environment of gamers to switch the games between without any hassle.

whats more new in consoles.?

almost everything and there is huge leap in Playstation 5.

there will also a bea VR set but will not be launching in with Playstation 5 there are some big future eggs are getting hatched by sony playstation wing to fetch best games out so this might get delayed.

this is not speculation, they have registered new patent on this VR set so this console is confirmed but might take time.

so here are some specs clearly menitioned in below link

Playstation 5 specs

How much will cost to your pocket.?

this might pretty much costly and this is purely on speculation and this is expedted to range between 450$ to 600$ USD and this might be 31,000/- to 42,000/- in INDIA.

what games are launching with PS5.?

There is an exclusive game coming up with PS5 launch event called Godfall, and there are some other games which are still unknown.


there are many changes.

How about joystick changes.?

hell yea there are many changes in these joysticks and new trigger level buttons are here below.

we have mentioned it below clearly

All cealry explained here about new Controller

every thing is new and many yet to come which are exciting to many gamers and this might be interesting to non familiar people too.

stay connceted to


More yet to hit the net.