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Google: The Pixel 4 is here, More than any Android, Right competition to iPhone

So the Only Android Smart device which has update Ecosystem and complete Android features to its flagship is Google pixel.

This is 4th pixel yet till date

There are tremendous changes and this pixel 4 yet to have gesture mode in it, Pixel is known for Photography and its photo processing software so this is captured in G-cam or Google camera.

every device isn't compatible with the G-cam software so we have made a list on G-cam software compatibility

coming to Google flagship line up they don't look as good as iPhone designs or at least they don't have many attractive looks but they are good at the camera and with their OS update ecosystem.

so you have pixel 1 to 4 gallery below to have a recall and I am being frank that pixel 3 is a horrible design according to me

all rear looks same but the previous model which is Pixel 3 is below
Pixel 3 awkward notch

so I don't want that notch, it's too much disturbing but this time they have made no notch rather a practical design with no notch but with little bezel on top, they might have 72% screen to body ratio.

so here is the rear and front design leaked below

this time Pixel 4 is most likely to have beautiful design, Most anticipated dual camera's and thinner bezel with whole sensors line up.

this time the design might not have hate and some new colours will here below.

different colours of Pixel 4

so unlike the unchanged notch design of iPhone, Pixel has changed everything and added up some colours

so what sensors u will have in the top thick bezel

there is a huge list and just can't be described in words can simply describe below and they have new slogan as "No hands" in twitter this says as they are into gestures mode in Pixel 4

Pixel 4 sensors line up

So more than a design they have satisfied themselves in design and this time pixel fans will be delighted for the design and changes in camera

The gesture video is below, A delighted feature

this device will ship with Android V.10, this time no sweet names after versions

speculation's on specs are here

Note:- there might be changes, these are just expected specs

Google has confirmed to kick off the launch of Pixel 4 on October 15th

as usual, we have Pixel 4 & Pixel 4XL

and this price might be range between

so the specs and price all are speculated so there might be changes on October 15th

until then we need to keep up with speculation's

know more from here, First impressions on tech will be here

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