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Pixel 4 Specs, Secrets, and many unknown facts are here.

Every giant has released their tech since September itself so we called it as Techtember, but now as One plus has released One plus 7T on September 26th and 7T with Mclaren edition just like 6T just a day before yesterday on Oct 10th.

I am eagerly waiting for the panda this time Panda will have dual-lens and a huge lens bump on the backside and a huge uniform notch in front which accommodates the sensors.

Why are those sensors aligned, we have a clue on that we see many promotional videos in twitter and many social platforms that Pixel 4 will perform faster face unlock, face recognitions & guess what is also has a gesture feature which no need to touch the device physically rather we can just do any function with the gesture.

what more you should know about Pixel 4 ...?

there are many more to know about Pixel 4

By seeing the video we can see that we can have an idea that this time Pixel 4 is packing out some unique feature's. These sensors are meant to handle and grasp the gestures and recognize the face and unlock the phone, that might be faster unlock, unlike the iPhone face unlock.

Pixel has excellent camera features till date but in this world of the lens, Pixel will be out with just dual-lens with all included in it.

with all, in the sense, it has 8X telephoto zoom-in feature which is fantastic to hear and this a confirmed feature by google itself in tweets.

This is a pretty exciting feature which is increasing the enthusiasm to use the device.

and they are many speculations going on around the Pixel 4, which might have 5G network-based chip. so there are some spec round-up here in below table

so the specs and all have been confirmed and the price is still on speculation unless and until the launch

so there are as usual two variants like previous flagships,

but this time the flagship layouts have been changed heavily and most practical model with the systematic alignment of the sensors, that whole thing brings a curvy beautiful and powerful device whole together.

I wonder why the only pixel catches up a nice picture in daylight and even in night mode & how is that possible ..?

There is a google secret here with hardware and Artificial intelligence magic going on here with much internal hard work stuff. The whole secret is brokedown and that whole thing works on just a processing an image with extensive location capture and it also makes your image vibrant to make your memory better,

the whole secret lies in our vision and how our eyes and mind process the image, similarly they have designed the neural tech here,

how does this neural tech or networks work Neural networks are groups of algorithms modelled on the human brain intelligence. Not like brain curls, but how it processes information. A neural network takes sensory data through what's called machine perception data collected and transferred through external sensors, like a camera sensor and recognizes patterns.

so these patterns are called vectors and these vectors, these vectors are stored from the wide range of varieties of pics and in every angle capture are analyzed and stored for a better view, the captured image is compared and processed fo the best memory role of your pics.

so how did this google did it in a smart small device with a huge neural network, still a secret, the most wait is about to get the Pixel 4 we are waiting to test it on night mode and many other features.

they also have improved in video mode to capture many moments.

we will know more certainly when the phone is officially launched so until then the secret keeps on prevailing

This Pixel 4 event is on Oct-4th the last flagship launch finishing move of 2019.

there is a gallery below for brief glance of Pixel 4

there are more yet to discuss

know more on first impressions about Pixel 4.

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