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Pixel 4 is expected to have more add-on's this year.

#pixel4 #pixelthrobe #Google

This time Google has planned a multiple camera bump with successful beautiful look, yes from the previous model these model's used to have a ugly notch as per my view but when u hide the notch u can't be bothered by it because this model is an beautiful sense of processing photos.

there is nothing is lens of pixel just there is art of processing photo's

so have a look on previous Pixel that's Pixel 3

now what are more different add-on's here in upcoming pixel model, they are pretty much difference in model's here.

they are triple camera with some extra sensor's here and this might be looking good at rear-side but coming to front side we can't have exact prediction

we can't just decide by some reported render's but these camera design's below are confirmed by some case maker's so u can believe in those camera design's below rather than the display's

so by some design's and fan made render's here we can see that we shall see dual camera with some render's and we can see some difference in Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

difference in terms of spec's and size of display and Notch also

this time we may or may not see some ugly notch display here.

regardless of prediction in display we can say that confirmed camera bump for dual sensor or triple sensor by pixel 4 here

Note:- Highly speculated news and fan made images are present here but camera bump news is confirmed by case maker's.

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More yet to hit the net