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Google has confirmed and they have tweeted the new sneak peak about Pixel:4.

This has fast rewind to Pixel 2XL, with a complete sensor Accommodation here we can see plenty of sensor's up with huge bezel up there so what are those sensor's

there is a picture form google here u can see how many sensor's rely on upper bezel.

Photo form Google twitter

There is a video glance down here and u can see there No hands just in gesture mode simply enthusiastic right now.

simply there is more tech involved here in Pixel 4 than iPhone notch, Now iPhone should kill the notch and make more better sensor's beneath the screen.

so simply Google is cutting down all the tech involved in cutting the screen, here with and accommodating with some lesser space occupancy with more sensor's placement in it.

unlike Pixel 3 and 3XL Ugly notch this notch is bit beautifull and worth it for the bezel space Occupancy.

Pixel 4 didn't go for any UN-realistic design here they have just made their design very practical and stable for their performance measure.

they have mixed their strategy within their predecessor model's like Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 with some ideal sensor's input and they have made with the bezel on upper screen unlike other trending full screen phones.

Pixel 3XL with and without Notch

Pixel 4 might be beautiful in design unlike other Pixel-3 Notch and other iteration's

this might be a full packed sensor's and performance beast packed here.

Pixel 4: Speculation's

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