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Pixel 3A and 3A XL are the new member's in Pixel family.

so these new mate's are coming to Pixel family very soon than expected.

Google has teased new teaser and poster for new pixel mates.

if we visit google store we can see latest poster's on google pixel hero's are coming to the family on May 8th

And google has made some changes in emoji's or we call it as play-emoji's and they have recent emoji's of most anticipated movie from "Avenger's END-GAME".

so we need to wait until may 8th for the release of update regarding Pixel new brother's 3A and 3A XL

No idea of spec's

this time a budget conscious Pixel would hit the pixel family with Iris color's including traditional black and white model's

so the new outline of G alphabet form the google store would be the vinyl matching the model backside for logo representation.

so that would be New logo outline for the new Iris pop-up color's and with traditional color's also,

Google 7th is the first day of I/O conference.

And may 8th will be the announcement of the Pixel new brother's.

This would be interesting move when we see the opening screens of mobile's on key-note opening.

that's all for the Pixel update

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net