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Oppo Reno: What is new about it ..?

10 X zoom lens

Shark-fin camera lens

and much more

one of the biggest phone maker in world,but surprisingly it doesn't have that good market stats in US and moreover it want to focus on more accurately on chine, Europe, and countries in Asia so this will be quiet good market and best sales for it .


has always an invention point of view and it has many products within it but there wasn't acceptance always for consistent new invention's so why is that happening .

Invention's expect high price's always.

so there are two models announced in china since a day they are

1.Oppo Reno std version

2.Oppo Reno 10X zoom version

both share similar specs

Both phones share a 48MP f/1.7 primary camera (with Sony IMX586 sensor), but 10x Zoom Edition features a 13MP periscope zoom camera as well as an 8MP ultra-wide shooter, with a 120-degree field of view.

What is Shark-fin

Both models sport a 16MP f/2.0 pop-up selfie camera

which has pop-up mechanism not like a pop-up dot but like a shark fin pop-up setup

like an admiration from Oppo fynd X model which has elevating camera

Like i said the shark fin setup .

with this setup Oppo has got full screen bazooka with bezel-less mode that make's outstanding look but though the design's aren't bring the crowd to the following "piece of tech"

Coming to

pricing and specs of 10X zoom variant

flag-ship display

6.6-inch full HD+ OLED 10x Zoom variant.


Display with a Snapdragon 855 chip-set,


4,065mAh battery, and VOOC 3.0 charging

Camera shoot capability

4K/60fps support.


In-display fingerprint sensors, NFC.


($595) for the 6GB/128GB version, with higher-spec's are also available.

Coming to

std variant of Reno


6.4 inches


Snapdragon 710 chip-set,


3,765mAh battery & VOOC 3.0 charging

Camera shoot capability

4K/30fps support.

traditional life of mobile feature

It also has a headphone jack.


Both offer in-display fingerprint sensors, and NFC.


(~$447) for the 6GB+128GB model.

but this time a piece of tech has low cost admiration and significant cut off the expenses

More yet to come onOppo with a clear cut review