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Always new tech, never noticed but they have made a new fascinating tech now, Oppo!

Oppo has pushed out new tech every time some times they look weird and some times they look excellent tech, this tech is an unnoticed tech. so a few days ago we have seen this tech with selfie tech behind the screen, the expected tech from some companies either by OnePlus or Samsung or others.

but this is done in Oppo first the most empirical tech, Under display tech, is most expected and empirical tech is seen from years and the trend of the notch and teardrop and much lesser notch area display are here.

what is the tech here done in this under-display selfie camera, there is a transparent thin layer of the display on the front camera and the new pixel structure is allocated on the transparent layer, which allows light into this layer when not in use, they also have a larger aperture which will grasp the great lighting and will capture the best selfies.

if this device is turned or tilted into a near angle or into sideway angle then we can see the housing of the camera slot is here. we are really excited about this notch-less design.

the new trend of notch and displays are coming up in 2020 and also with 5g flagships.

the thinnest layer is here with new pixel alignment.

The total gallery is below.

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