OnePlus 8 will be a normal flagship not much extraordinary to kill a flagship.

Oneplus used to be a flagship killer but this time it will compete with them but not kill them, yup and this flagship are also becoming expensive but the advantage of this flagship is it will match the specs with high-end flagships are but not the price.

that is the best move on OnePlus flagship

this point every common man will opt this option and this goes out of stock whenever it releases into the market, they have such a craze in the market in very much less time.

the best point of Oneplus is that they push the updates in time with their latest flagships, not to every line up of flagships.

What to expect from


as usual specs with other phones.

list of detailed and semi confirmed specs are below.

  • Snapdragon 865 SOC in the hood

  • 8GB of RAM,

  • 120Hz fluid AMOLED display,

  • 4,300 mAh battery

  • Warp Charge 30T wired charging.

  • wireless charging

there is huge speculation on wireless charging and they have confirmed in recent posts in every social handle of theirs that wireless charging to their flagship is coming up.

this device will is also powered with a 5G network, 5G will be now familiarized soon in every flagship, this will be best competent to high-end flagships.

OnePlus promises that they push their higher flagship with atleast with 40% in performance and also in hardware upgrades.

what does OnePlus 8 look like?

wireless charging dock for this flagship is coming up.

the previous flagship with new clothes will be released out this time the high number in specs are always an OnePlus trend and they are good at this and this time they have made Punch hold display this time.

what about the price of this device.?

this will be priced under 1000$ but not 999$ will be ranged between 800$-900$ with high-end specs loaded.

When is it going to hit the world unlike Corona.?

April 14th


8:30 pm in INDIA

4:40 pm in Europe

11 AM in USA.

Hope for the faster flagship every time they release a new one

there might be different variants in OnePlus 8 soon we are going to state it here in a very clear way.

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