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OnePlus has another Stunning Flagship with more Logical & fantastic look's.

Updated: Mar 16

Another model from OnePlus has shown up which can be a brother of OnePlus 7T Pro Mclaren edition.

why should we call it as Brother of Mclaren edition..?

Because no of Camera's are getting increased and this guy has a power of showing up camera holes and also can hide within the electro glass coating with a 90% opacity range.

yea we can see the camera holes clearly but might not end up in seeing them fully unless and until we trigger the button of Camera to use.

this tech is derived from the Mclaren sunroof edition which could dim the glass of sunroof whenever its sunny and contrast the glass whenever you like to enjoy the light.

so this changing effect of the glass is called electro-chromatic effect which can make the glass dimmer and also might allow the light to pass through it.

thought of what specs could this device can pack inside, it's same as OnePlus 7T Pro.if you want to check the specs out we have attached it below.

One plus 7T Pro specs

OnePlus One Concept

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