OnePlus has finally revealed it, One of the most awaited one.

The design hasn't changed much same as One plus 7 Pro but the screen bezels have been cut ooff slimmer than before to visualize the high refresh rates in the corner of the screen.

they have designed it in a familiar way where you can see punch hole cut out in this screen and this punch hole will be visible at the left corner of the screen.

The high refresh rate display is the trend of OnePlus and they have done since Oneplus 7Pro and now familiarized with every model, and the punch hole trend wasn't their trend but its bit disappointing to me to see this punch hole in the display of OnePlus.

OnePlus 8 has new display punch hole technology is here with larger displays, there are still some speculations on specs.

so speculations aren't confirmed yet, but OnePlus has confirmed the date of release of OnePlus 8 variants.

date is


keep your phone bell rings on 14th of next month to get yourself tuned to this event, this will be digitally announced as of Covid-19threat of social distancing.

still not yet know, and as of Lockdown countries announcements we have seen India has locked every international transit till 14/04/20 and USA ha announced its lockdown dates, so there is a high possibility of Digital announcements.

we have two models which are programmed to get launched on the same date, let's see what will be coming up on this device.

so we will tell you what is new from OnePlus 8 physically

  • Pro camera with Sensor readability

  • Punch hole selfie camera

  • a bit larger screen

  • higher refresh rated flagship.

here is a sneak peek on this flagship below

there is crescent green or crystal green a new colour variant in OnePlus is here

still much more to know on OnePlus upcoming flagship, stay tuned for that.

there is another Oneplus model to hit we call it as a lite version we dropped its link below

OnePlus 8 Lite version

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More yet to hit the net