When Stable One UI V.2 update will hit to Samsung Devices. different months to different regions.

Samsung has their dedicated team to push the update to their flagship as well to their every portfolio, and Samsung has tons of devices to push their updates and this has been an aspect of time which has an update delayed every time and they test it for every device.

there are a bunch of new features already we discussed ONE UI V.2 previous posts and now it's all about the date of update is going to release in INDIA.

and they might vary in different countries, likely to delay in some countries but in INDIA we can expect ONE UI V.2 in January 2020 for GALAXY 10 flagships and also for Note 9.

Galaxy 10 flagships are Note 10 & 10+, S10 & S10+ are galaxy 10 and the previous flagship Note 9 & S9 might get an update in January.

This source from some tweets from tweets and many sources are from Instagram as many stories and I couldn't capture those but I have a record on tweets here below.

that update is fro the tweet and many are still on its way, Stable version is on its way on January 2020.

some models are pre-scheduled and were dated in March and some on May for M-series models.

M20 & M30 model will also receive in January 2020 but they have some models which are pre-programmed to get it in March 2020

Note:- there are no dates mentioned yet in this update, still a long wait will continue in announcements of date.

Update for Galaxy A versions will also get updates in the 2020 year itself, they have a timeline between April to May of 2020 according to the tweet.

There is a similar Roadmap to OTA updates to some regions might hit in the same time and some in a different time, Unlike Google, they have plenty of devices to update at the same time so they have broken the OTA version into certain time periods to release.

2019 flagships and 2018 flagships will get the update soon than any other model that's in Jan 2020. the other models have to wait until their turn comes up.

and you have every model here with month itself.

Samsung has to push this update as soon as possible, they are a huge fan base for this update on Android 10(Q) = One UI V.2.

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